Criminal District Attorney - Offense Type Table

A Criminal District Attorney is a statutorily created office that is legally bound to not only handle all criminal matters for the designated county but also all civil matters related to representation of the county, county officials, and all associated matters. the Texas Constitution provides for the office of County Attorney in each county.

However, the legislature may abolish the office of County Attorney by establishing a Criminal District Attorney for such a county. this legislative change took place in Comal County in 1997. Prior to this, Comal County had a County Attorney and a District Attorney.

The statutory duties of a Criminal District Attorney include the following:

  • Represent the State of Texas and victims of crimes in all criminal cases in the District Courts, County Courts-at-Law, and Justice Courts and in appeals therefrom.
  • Represent the best interests of our children in Child Protective Services cases.
  • Represent the victims of domestic abuse by obtaining protective orders against abusive family members.
  • Represent the State of Texas and victims of crimes in ensuring that justice is rendered for juveniles accused of criminal offenses.
  • Provide County Officials with written opinions or advice relating to the official duties of that official.


ABI Assault Bodily Injury
ABI/FAMILY Assault Bodily Injury/Family Violence
ACC/VEH NON REPT Accident involving a Vehicle Non Report
AGG THEFT >750<20K Aggravated theft >$750<$20,000
AGGR SEX ASSLT/OF A MINOR Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Minor
AGGR. ASSLT W/A WEAPON Aggravated Assault W/Deadly Weapon
ASSLT PUBLIC SERVANT Assault on a Public Servant
BOATING INTOX Boating Intoxication
CM Criminal Mischief
CR / trP Criminal trespass
CR/trP H/S/IN Criminal trespass/Habit/Superfund/Infrastructure
CRED CRD ABUSE Credit/Debit Card Abuse
DWI Driving While Under the Influence
DWI 2ND Second Driving While Intoxicated
DWI 3RD third Driving While Intoxicated (felony)
DWI W/C Driving While Intoxicated With Child under 15 y. o.
DWLINV Driving While License Invalid
EA Evading Arrest
EA W/ VEHICLE Evading arrest with a vehicle (felony)
ENDANG/CHILD Endangering of a Child
ENGAG/CRIM/ACTIVITY Engaging in Criminal Activity
ENGAG/ORG CRIME Engage in Organized Criminal Activity
FAIL TO APPEAR Failure to Appear in Court
FAIL TO REPT StrIK VEH Duty on Striking Unattended Vehicle
FORGERY TOC 32.21 Forgery
FRAUD/USE/POSS OF IDENT/INFORM Fraudulent Use/Possession of Identifying Information
FTA Failure to Appear
FTID Failure To Identify
HM Harassment
INDECENCY W/CHILD Indecency with a Child
INTERF W EMER CALL Interference with Emergency Telephone Call
INTOX ASSLT Intoxicated Assault
KIDNAP Kidnapping
LIQUOR LAW VIOL Liquor Law Violation
MAN DEL CS/PG Manufacture/Deliver a Controlled Substance
OCCUP/LIC Occupational License
PI / REST ARR Public Intoxication /Rest. Arrest
POC Possession of Controlled Substance
POM Possession of Marijuana
POM >4oz Possession of Marijuana >4 oz. (felony)
POSS CSPG1<4G Possession Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1 >=1gram < 4grams
POSS PORN Possession of Child Pornography
POSS/CS/PGI > 4G Possession Controlled Substance penalty Group 1 >4grams < 200grams
PROH SUBST JAIL Prohibit Substance in a Correctional Facility
PUBLIC INTOX Public Intoxication
RECK DR Reckless Driving
REST ARREST Resisting Arrest
SEX OFF REG Failure of Sex Offender Duty to Register
TAMP W GOV REC Tampering with Government Records
TERR thRTS Terroristic threats
thEFT theft
thEFT $1500-$20K theft $1500-$20,000
thEFT $20K < $100K theft over $20,000
thEFT $500-$1500 theft $500-$1500
thEFT/CHECK theft by Check
UL POSS OF WPN Unlawful Possession of a Weapon
UNAth/USE OF VEH Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle
VIO PROT Violation of Protective Order
VIOL OF C ORDER Violation of Court Order

Comal County Criminal District Attorney