Human Resources Employment Information Sheet

Comal County

The purpose of this "Information Sheet" is to give you more insight into the employment procedures within Comal County and the function of Comal County Human Resources (HR).

The function of the HR department is to screen the applicants, assure that minimum job qualifications are met, and forward the applications of qualified applicants to the Department where the vacancy exists.

Applications are accepted only for current positions available. The application must be completed online. Law enforcement applications will be completed on the long form and TCOLE certification documents (mandatory for Deputy positions) must be included along with the application. PLEASE READ THROUGH THIS INFORMATION SHEET ENTIRELY BEFORE ACCESSING THE LINK BELOW. Those applicants requiring reasonable accommodation to the application or interview process should call (830) 643-5859 during normal office hours to request it.

Your application for employment with Comal County is our only source of information about you. The application MUST be completed entirely and all questions must be answered. If a question does not apply indicate "N/A" for non-applicable. Any skills, certificates, education, licenses, etc., required for the position must also be included on the application to assure that the applicant meets the minimum qualifications. You may add a resume or additional information to be included with your application that demonstrates your qualifications for the position. You must fill in the application as instructed -- the resume is merely in addition to the application. Your application will be reviewed for completion, and questions may be asked to clarify areas to help determine if you meet the minimum qualifications for a particular position. Finally, it is our policy to confirm all information contained in the application. As such, criminal history checks may be performed on any position, even if it is not so stated in the job announcement. Failure to provide or misrepresent information on the application could result in the application not being referred to the Department or lead to immediate termination of the hiring process.

If any position requires a certificate, professional license, proof of insurance, resume, etc., then copies of these documents must be submitted with the application (if directed on the application) or by subsequent request from HR or the hiring authority. Failure to provide this information when required/requested can result in the application process being halted or application not being referred to the hiring authority.

The hiring authority will review the applications submitted, contact the persons they want to interview and will make the final selection in hiring. You will be required to take a pre-employment drug screen test as part of the employment conditions for Comal County. Also, if you are required to take a medical exam (physical or psychological) as part of the conditional offer for the position you are applying for, it will be done at County expense prior to being hired. All law enforcement candidates (if given a conditional offer) will also be required to complete a thorough background investigation and will be provided a Background Questionnaire to complete.

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