More Frequently Asked Questions?

How do I know if my child's records are being put into ImmTrac?

You can always tell your provider that you have opted to keep your vaccinations in ImmTrac and ask them if they are entering your shots into the ImmTrac database. Another option is to fax or mail your records to your local health department requesting them to enter the records into Immtrac (include name and DOB with records). Comal Public Health fax number: 830-620-3495

How can I get a copy of my child's records?

You can ask your Provider to print out a copy of your ImmTrac record or you can call your local Health Department for their assistance in printing out your record.

My child got all the shots their school required. Are there any other vaccinations they should have to be fully protected?

Your Provider has access to a Recall form that will list all the recommended shots and dates for your child, which can be printed at your request.