Voting and Elections Information (Past Elections)

Four Commissioners, four JPs and four Constables serve Comal County, as well as two U.S. Congressman and one State Senator. Who you vote for is determined by where you live in the County. The County is divided into various precincts for the different elected positions. Commissioners, Justices' of the Peace and Constables use the same precinct lines, their district number corresponds with the first number in your voting precinct. Everyone in Comal County (all precincts) vote on who serves as their State Representative (#73) as well as both U.S. Senators.

The County is also divided into various voting precincts. These determine where you vote. Your voting precinct number can be found on your voter registration card. Maps to your voting locations are also available. Precinct Maps are available to show borders and streets in the precinct.

Current Elections Information:

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2016--------------------March Primary / May Runoff / General Election

2015--------------------General Election / Spring Branch Incorporation

2014--------------------March Primary / May Runoff / General Election

2013--------------------Constitutional Amendment Election

2012--------------------General Election  /  July Runoff  /  May Primary

2011--------------------Constitutional Amendment Election

2010--------------------General Election  /  Special Bond Election 

2009--------------------Constitutional Amendment Election

2008--------------------General Election  /  March Primary

2007--------------------Constitutional Amendment Election 

2006--------------------Constitutional Amendment Election  /  March Primary  /  May Rollback

2004--------------------General Election  /  March Primary

2002--------------------General Election