County Clerk

Welcome to our online website. The information found here is an attempt to better serve you and expedite your business within the various departments of the County Clerk’s Office.

The County Clerk is an elected position with duties set out statutorily in the Texas Constitution as follows: The Texas Constitution Article 5 - JUDICIAL DEPARTMENT Section 20 - COUNTY CLERK

There shall be elected for each county, by the qualified voters, a County Clerk, who shall hold office for four years, who shall be clerk of the County and Commissioners Courts and recorder of the county, whose duties, perquisites and fees of office shall be prescribed by the Legislature. The chart below indicates more specifically each duty that falls under the jurisdiction of the County Clerk. Each link will take you to a specific page outlining the services available by that department. I sincerely hope you will find this site helpful and please feel free to contact me or my staff if you need further assistance.

Honorable Bobbie Koepp
County Clerk

County Clerk statement on same-sex marriage licenses

NOTICE To The Public: Pending Certified Copy Request Change

Notice of Change in Texas Law

On June 24, 2013, in Msc. Docket No 13- 9092 the Supreme Court of Texas issued an Order stating that all counties in Texas would transition into mandatory e-filing by attorneys for all civil, probate and family law cases. (

Since Comal County already accepts e-filing we are on the fast track for the new implementation from Tex. File. This means we have an E-Filing Go-Live target date of October 2nd, 2013. We strongly encourage all attorneys to begin using Tex. File e-filing for Texas on that date.

By January 1st, 2015, Comal County Court At Law, Civil and Probate Departments will no longer be allowed by law to accept any paper filings from attorneys; they must be e-filed. For more information about E-Filing go to


Comal County Clerk's Responsibilities:
  1. Recording (OPR)
    1. Land Records
    2. Lien/Judgments
    3. Military Discharge
    4. Assumed Names DBA
    5. Research
    6. Map & Plat Records
  2. Vital Statistics   NOTICE To The Public: Pending Certified Copy Request Change
    1. Birth Records
    2. Marriage
    3. Death records
    4. Mixed Beverage & Beer License
  3. County Court's at Law
    1. County Court at Law #1
    2. County Court at Law #2
    3. Civil
    4. Criminal
    5. E-File
      1. FAQ's
      2. E-Filing Requirements
      3. County Clerk E-File Practices
      4. Helpful Tips for E-File
    6. Probate
    7. Mental Health
    8. Collections
    9. Jury
  4. Commissioners Court
    1. General Information

PLEASE NOTE: Comal County Elections and Voter Registration is managed by the Elections Coordinator who is under the County Clerk. Click here for the Elections webpage


IMPORTANT - Follow the link to the new "Texas Civil Case Information Sheet" PDF form, promulgated by the Texas Judicial Council, which must be submitted with the filing of ALL new civil and probate cases, including small estate affidavits and guardianship actions, effective 09/01/2010 (you may begin using this form immediately).