Comal County Auditor's Office

Appointed by the State District Judges every two years, the County Auditor is one aspect of the County's checks and balances system, since it is neither created by nor under the hierarchal control of the Commissioners. As an accountant, the County Auditor has general oversight of all the books and records of all county officials. He/She is charged with enforcing all laws governing county finances. As an economist, the Auditor advises the Commissioners Court about financial conditions as they affect the decision-making process.

The County Auditor is responsible for:
  • Forecasting financial data for the budget
  • Auditing records and accounts of various county departments
  • Administering accounting records for all county funds
  • Advising Commissioners about county financial conditions as they affect decision-making.


Budgets and Comprehensive Financial Reports


2022 Adopted Budget