Criminal District Attorney - Pretrial Diversion Program

The mission of the Diversion Program is preventing crime and increasing public safety by holding an eligible defendant accountable while providing the resources, skills, community-relationship building, and education needed to break the cycle of crime. The program is an alternative to prosecution that offers a defendant a chance to avoid a criminal conviction and other punitive sanctions, including fines, community supervision, and incarceration, in return for their successful completion of the Program.

The Diversion Program is a voluntary program for a defendant charged with a criminal offense. Pursuant to Government Code Sec. 76.011, defendants who complete the program may avoid prosecution and potential conviction for their charge. The Diversion Program only accepts certain types of criminal offenses and each referral must go through an assessment prior to being accepted into the program. Once accepted into the program, a contract will list the specific requirements and obligations for each defendant. Guidelines

Applications for entry into the Diversion Program must be emailed or delivered to the Criminal District Attorney within 30 calendar days of the date an attorney is hired or appointed or within 30 calendar days of the first appearance, whichever is later.

Successful completion of this Diversion Program provides participants with the opportunity to succeed and avoid a criminal conviction. Successful completion of the Program will result in dismissal of your case without prosecution by the Comal County Criminal District Attorney.  Guidelines


Comal County Criminal District Attorney