Criminal District Attorney - Duties and Statistics

The duty of the Comal County Criminal District Attorney is to:

  • Represent the State of Texas and victims of crimes in ensuring that justice is rendered for individuals accused of criminal offenses ranging from misdemeanors (i.e., traffic offenses, DWI, possession of marijuana, theft, assault, etc.) to felonies (i.e., sexual assault, burglary, murder, possession and/or delivery of drugs, etc.).
  • Represent the best interests of our children in Child Protective Service cases.
  • Represent victims of domestic abuse by obtaining protective orders against abusive family members.
  • Represent the State of Texas and victims of crimes in ensuring that justice is rendered for juveniles accused of criminal offenses.
  • Represent Comal County, the Commissioners Court, and the Comal County elected officials in lawsuits brought against them.  provide legal research and review of matters and issues affecting Comal County ranging from economic development, employment, contracts, real estate acquisition, environmental development and protection, etc.


The Office of the Criminal District Attorney annually receives approximately 5,100 + cases annually from the Comal County Sheriff's Office, the New Braunfels Police Department, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), the Bulverde Police Department, the Garden Ridge Police Department, the Schertz Police Department, the Fair Oaks Police Department, Comal County Constables, and other various State of Texas agencies.

In general, our office receives approximately 1,400 adult felony complaints, 3,700 adult misdemeanor complaints and 150 juvenile cases a year. We currently have 18 assistant district attorneys and 20 support staff that assist in managing our caseloads.

Click here for a list of the criminal offense codes used: Offense Type Chart

Comal County Criminal District Attorney