Criminal District Attorney - Victim Assistance Program

Mission Statement of the Victim Assistance Program

To provide compassionate and effective services in an effort to address the needs of crime victims. We will ensure that all victims of crime will be given the knowledge and assistance they need to actively participate in the criminal court process. With a criminal justice system that often seems more concerned  with the rights of the accused, it is important to know that victims of crime have specific rights as well. The office of the Criminal District Attorney takes positive steps to protect the rights and dignity of the person harmed during a crime against them.

Services Provided by the Victim Assistance Program

If requested by victim or family of victim ---

Notification concerning judicial proceedings and the right to be present.

Notification to the victim or family of victim concerning paroles. Information regarding availability of crime victims compensation and how to apply, if applicable. Call Information "VINE" toll free 1-877-TX4-VINE, or

Notification to victim of right to submit a victim impact statement before sentencing, if applicable. This form is used for victims of violent crimes.

Notification of right to request restitution.

Referrals to social service organizations like the Crisis Center of Comal County and Connections for counseling.

Comal County Criminal District Attorney