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What Does a Commissioner Do?
This is probably the most commonly asked question by citizens. While the tasks of a County Commissioner varies from county to county, I’ll give you the description from the Texas Association of Counties, as well as a definition “in my own words.”

According to the Texas Association of Counties: The job of the county commissioner calls for hands-on service delivery, as well as policy-making decisions about a variety of important matters.

In My Own Words:
As your County Commissioner, I am your point person to work with on County-related issues and concerns. Picture me as your designated information gatherer, meeting goer, decision maker (by my vote), and problem solver (no, I am not a genie, but I’ll do my best!) for issues that affect our precinct and our county.

As a member of the Commissioners’ Court Team, I represent our precinct on matters that affect our County. As a unit, Commissioners Court is tasked with entering into contracts on behalf of the County, setting the budget and tax rate to ensure that all county departments are funded and operate appropriately, and making decisions that come before the Court during our weekly public meetings. Commissioners also make appointments to Boards & Commissions that serve our citizens as well.

The agenda is published every week for these meetings (you may subscribe to the agendas via email), and the public is welcome to attend. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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