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Records Maintained by the District Clerk

If you are trying to find a case or see what has been filed in a case, you can visit the Comal County Judicial Record Search page by clicking here.

If you need copies of documents maintained by our office, you may email us your request with payment confirmation at DistrictClerksOffice@co.comal.tx.us. If you are not aware of the page count of what you are requesting, for you to know what the copy fee will be (please refer to the Fee Schedule), you may call our office so we can provide that to you. Our office is only able to email regular copies. If you need certified copies, they would either need to be picked up in person or placed in the mail. To mail your copies there is a mailing fee of $2.

To make payment for these fees, you may visit https://www.certifiedpayments.net/ or call 1.866.549.1010 and use the following information:

  • Bureau Code – 9912934
  • Ticket Number = Cause Number

***NOTE***: If you eFile a proposed order and it is signed by the judge after our office has accepted it for filing, you WILL NOT automatically receive a copy of the signed and conformed copy.

Legal Information:

Lawyer Referral:

  • For a referral to an attorney, you may reach the Lawyer Referral Information Service provided by the State Bar of Texas at 800.252.9690


  • If you are filing for an Adult Name Change, you may obtain fingerprints through Identogo by contacting 844.321.2124


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