Comal County Elected Officials

Texas has a total of 254 counties, the largest number of counties of any state.

Each county is run by a five-member Commissioners' Court consisting of four commissioners elected from single-member districts (called commissioner precincts) and a county judge elected at-large. The county judge does not have authority to veto a decision of the commissioners court; the judge votes along with the commissioners (being the tie-breaker in close calls). In smaller counties, the county judge actually does perform judicial duties, but in larger counties the judge's role is limited to serving on the commissioners court and certifying elections. Certain officials, such as the sheriff and tax collector, are elected separately by the voters, but the commissioners court determines their office budgets, and sets overall county policy. All county elections are partisan, and commissioner precincts are redistricted after each ten year Census both to equalize the voting power in each and in consideration of the political party preferences of the voters in each.

NOTE- The elected official's names are hyperlinks that will take you to their individual or departmental webpage's containing contact information.


Elected Officials in Comal County

Donna Eccleston - Commissioner

Scott Haag - Commissioner

Kevin Webb - Commissioner

Jen Crownover - Commissioner

Mark Cheatum - Constable

Craig Akerman - Constable

Shane Rapp - Constable

Ben Scoggin - Constable

Bobbie Koepp - County Clerk

Sherman Krause - County Judge

Randy Gray - C.C. Law Judge

Charles Stephens - CC Law Judge

Jennifer Tharp - Criminal District Attorney

Heather Kellar - District Clerk

Jack Robison - District Judge

Gary Steel - District Judge

Dib Waldrip - District Judge

Bruce Boyer - District Judge

Tom Clark - JP Judge

James "Rick" Walker - JP Judge

Mike Rust - JP Judge

Jennifer Saunders - JP Judge

Mark Reynolds - Sheriff

Cathy Talcott - Tax Collector

Renee Couch - Treasurer

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