Fire Marshal's Building Permits

Process Overview-Before building a new commercial or public building, or remodeling an existing building for a new type of business, or constructing a multi family dwelling that has four or more units, you will need to obtain a BUILDING PERMIT. 

To obtain a BUILDING PERMIT you will need to submit two sets of building plans for the entire project being permitted.  The Fire Marshal’s office can not issue a FIRE CODE PERMIT prior to the review of the building plans.

If Texas Government Code 469 (Elimination of Architectural Barriers) applies to this project, the Comal County Fire Marshal’s Office may not accept your permit application and you shall not begin construction on your project until the project is registered with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). You shall provide the Comal County Fire Marshal’s Office with the registration number and a Proof of Submission Form (TDLR Form AB042) with your permit application. These standards are state law and the Comal County Fire Marshal’s Office does not have the ability to advise you on these standards. For information please contact TDLR at 800-803-9202 or

After reviewing the building plans the Fire Marshal’s Office will contact the person on the Building Permit Application and talk about changes, if any.  You will be given one set of your building plans and will receive a BUILDING PERMIT after payment of the building permit fee (see fee schedule)The BUILDING PERMIT must remain on the construction site.  (The Fire Marshal’s office will keep the other set of building plans.)

If the project under permit requires a fire suppression system or fire alarm system, the contractor installing that particular system, must contact the Fire Marshal’s office for a Fire Protection System permit.  (See fee schedule).  When the fire suppression system or fire alarm system is completed or is in need of a visual inspection, the Fire Marshal’s office must be contacted for an inspection on that particular system.

When the entire project is completed the Fire Marshal’s office must receive a Request for Final Inspection form.  After the final inspection a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE will then be issued.  The business may not open for business without a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE.