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cemeteryThe Comal Cemetery Association was started when John F. Torrey had a promissory note drawn up stating that he would give the Trustees, J. J. Groos, John Goldenbergen and Ernst Gruene, $500.00 and 8 acres of land located about one mile NE of the public square of New Braunfels on the bank of the Guadalupe River, a part of the Point Labor. "Beginning at its lower comer on said River, hence up the River until near the new ford opposite Loep farm and back." The original survey was done by J. J. Groos, surveyor. Two thousand square feet of the above mentioned 8 acres were to be reserved by John F. Torrey, for himself, Mathew Taylor, Sam Mather and Daniel Murchison's use and benefit (see October 20, 1886). Mr. Torrey stated that the following provisions must be meet by the Trustees or the public within two years: the land could only be used as a public graveyard, that it be properly fenced and enclosed, and that a proper hearse be obtained as well as any other necessary funeral implements. Comal Cemetery was at that time located in what was Braunfels, Texas, south of ComaItown, east of New Braunfels and west of the Guadalupe River.

The Trustees were anxious to have the provisions met and they contracted with Joh. H. Petry for a standing cedar fence around the Comal Cemetery. Mr. Petry needed to have the fence completed by July 15, 1868 and was to be paid five cents per running foot. He was provided with posts, nails and iron bands or lathes. He was paid $52.40 for erecting the fence. Mr. H. Weil was paid $190.80 for 2,120 fence rails.

An August 28, 1868 article in the Neu Braunfelser Zeitung, stated that the Cemetery was available for anyone wanting to be buried. It also gives information on the amount collected from Subscriptions and stated that those that had pledged but not paid needed to do so. However money was still needed to pay for the gate and other further purchases. Johann Pfeiffer had excepted the Gravedigger position. To have a large grave prepared it cost $2.50 and a small one (for children under 10) cost $1.75. The cost was $0.50 more if you did not have a subscription. Families could purchase plots however their size was limited to 250 sq. feet in size.

Another article published in the November 4, 1868 issue of the Neu Braunfelser Zeitung states that a State law was passed on August 13th permitting Misters J. F. Torrey, J. J. Groos, J. Goldenbagen and Ernest Grune to incorporate as a Corporation under the name "Comal Cemetery Association". It also states that if you own a Family burial plot or wish to purchase one you can now get a sufficient bill of sale for your plot. The same issue has an announcement that August Reeb was named as Gravedigger for the Cemetery.

On September 27, 1870, John F. Torrey of Comal County and Chas. R. Gentry of Harris County release the Bond and give the Trustees a clear Deed to the 8 acres for one dollar. Mr. Torrey was satisfied that provisions stated on the Bond of Deed had been met.

The first recorded burial is that of Fredrich (Fritz) Hartwig. He was, born July 2, 1837, died August 12, 1873 on February 29, 1868 married Julia Schertz. Other burials were thought to have taken place as early as 1854 on the Cemetery property however they were only documented as on the bluff overlooking the Guadalupe. The first Sexton's book of the Comal Cemetery was called "Die Peins" (the Pines) and it is believed that in the 1870's this area around the Cemetery and the Comal County Fairgrounds to the northwest were covered with many cedar trees. A number of these large cedar trees can still be seen in the area today.

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