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cemeteryComal Cemetery CM-C001 is located at 301 Peace Avenue, New Braunfels. The cemetery was designated as a Historic Texas Cemetery on May 22, 2000. Overlooking the Guadalupe River, the cemetery was established in March 1868, when John F. Torrey had a promissory note drawn up to give $500 and 8 acres to establish a cemetery. The first known interment in the cemetery was Fredrick (Fritz) Hartwig on August 12, 1873. Folklore tells us that other burials are thought to have taken place as early as 1854 on the cemetery property, however, they are only documented as being on the bluff overlooking the Guadalupe. The cemetery acreage increased over the years and today covers close to 25 acres and is the final resting place of over 12,550 souls.

On March 21, 1868, New Braunfels businessman John F. Torrey issued a promissory note that said he would donate 8 acres of land plus $500 to three trustees for use only as a public graveyard, with the exception of a small plot of land for some of his friends and family, and with additional stipulations that it be fenced, and a proper hearse be obtained to transport bodies for burial. An August 1868 article in the New Braunfels’ German language newspaper, the Neu Braunfelser Zeitung, reported that the cedar fence had been completed for which Mr. H. Weil supplied the rails, and J. H. Petry erected the fence. In addition, the article listed the prices of $2.50 to dig a large grave and $1.75 for a small grave.

Two years later, the Comal Cemetery Association was incorporated in a law passed by the Texas State Legislature, August 1870. Satisfied that the conditions specified in the Bond for Deed of obtaining fencing and a hearse, Mr. Torrey, and Chas. R. Gentry of Harris County released the Bond and gave the three trustees a clear deed to the 8 acres for $1.00. The first recorded burial was Fredrich (Fritz) Hartwig, on August 12, 1873.

The cemetery gained 6.93 acres when Henry Kellermann sold his land adjoining the Torrey acreage to the City of New Braunfels in 1913 for $3118.50. Seven heirs of John Torrey, who lived in Bexar County and Maryland, signed a quit claim deed to the 20’ by 24’ lot that Torrey had reserved for himself in his original promissory note of 1868, as their father had passed on and been buried elsewhere. They received $120.00 for what was called the Torrey Cemetery Lot. Then in 1927, 10 acres of land formerly belonging to E.A. and Ella M. Eiband were sold to the City for $11,110.00, thus giving the cemetery a total of just under 25 acres.

The City of New Braunfels took over administration of the cemetery from the Comal Cemetery Association in January 1887 at John Torrey’s request. This exchange was made in return for $1.00 and it was then called the Comal Cemetery of New Braunfels. The City Parks and Recreation Department, under city guidance, operates and maintains both the Comal Cemetery and the older New Braunfels Cemetery (located south of New Braunfels).

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