Mountain Valley Cemetery

Mountain Valley CemeteryThe Mountain Valley Cemetery was organized on 15 March 1905 by “several people from the settlement”. Among the men who surveyed the cemetery on 20 March were Henry Meckel, Gustav Preusser, Joseph Meckel and Robert Pantermuehl. These individuals paid Mrs. Friedrich Pantermuehl the sum of $20.00 for the one and one-half acre cemetery2 located about one-half mile from the office of the Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4, in Sattler. In 2012, Walter and Verde Lee Halm own the property around the cemetery. Entrance to the cemetery can be gained at 1901 Sattler Road.

Friedrich Pantermuehl died on 4 July 1904 and was buried on this site. It was the following year that it was decided that this would be a suitable site for a community cemetery.

At another meeting in March of 1905, nine members decided to fence in the cemetery with five rolls of “flat wire.” Each member was to bring five or six posts. A member was to pay 75 cents if he could not take part in constructing the fence.

The purpose of the cemetery society was to bury the dead with respect and dignity. The obligations of the members were to engage in all work, including the digging of the graves. If a member failed to carry out his duties, he would have only his lot, but no rights to any other benefits.

Burials are still taking place at the Mountain Valley Cemetery. According to the sexton for the cemetery, Walter Halm, about 190 souls were buried in this cemetery by 2000.

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