Panteon Hidalgo Cemetery

CemeteryRecognizing the need for a cemetery to meet the needs of the local Hispanic community, in New Braunfels and Comal County, Panteon Hidalgo, also known as the “Mexican Cemetery” was established. A local organization known as “Asosiacion Mutualista De Beneficencia” or the Hidalgo Mexican Cemetery Association, was instrumental in the establishment of the cemetery. The organization’s trustees included Dolores Vivar, president, Narsiso N. Ortiz, Secretary, Santiago Robles, treasurer, along with Francisco Estevis and Faustion M. Ruiz .

Then mayor, Charles Alves duly authorized by resolution of the city council, the sale of the property. Designated on the plat known as Braunfels Heights, the property is located at the corner of Common Street and Peace Avenue. A deed dated January 6, 1920 indicates the cemetery was purchased by the organization for the sum of two hundred dollars. The purchase included Lots seven, eight, nine and ten in New Braunfels City block number 5032. On January 7, 1947, the Missionaries of the Holy Family, conveyed the cemetery property to Robert E. Lucy, Archbishop of San Antonio. The cemetery remains property of the San Antonio Archdiocese.

Through the years, identification of many of the gravesites has been lost. “Morales Funeral Home,” the local funeral home, which catered to the Hispanic community, kept much of the gravesite information. It is believed the caretaker of the cemetery knew the gravesite locations of all the deceased. Unfortunately, a fire at the funeral home and the caretaker’s lack of documentation, left little or no information of the gravesites. Though many of the family-made grave markers remain, these too, have suffered much deterioration and are not legible.

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