Posey Cemetery

The Posey Cemetery CM-C103 is located on private land in northeastern Comal County and was established in 1859 on a family farm for of family burials. For this narrative, the families of John Bennett Posey and wife, Amanda Catherine Posey, and Francis Marion Galloway and wife, Moranda Ann Jane Galloway, will be the subjects of focus because of the burials in the Posey Cemetery. The families came to Texas from Tennessee in the 1850s shortly after Texas achieved statehood. The lure of land and a better life prompted settlers to leave their homes and travel to Texas. These Posey and Galloway families came to the area around York Creek to establish their homes. Farming was their occupation and cotton grew well in this Blackland Prairie area. They were rugged people and braved the elements to settle this area and make homes for themselves that would result in many generations of descendants in the area.
The Posey Cemetery was designated as an Historic Texas Cemetery in March 2017.

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