1902 Fischer Store

The 1902 Fischer Store is located at 4040 FM 484, Fischer, Comal County, Texas. It is the third structure to serve as the mercantile establishment with that name originally started by Hermann Fischer Sr. in 1866. He and his brother, Otto, settled the northern part of Comal County in 1853. They both had their part in developing this area of Texas and building the community today called Fischer, Texas. The first map below shows the location of Fischer with the second map showing a close-up of the 1902 store location and property lines.

markerIt was this business that first gave the identity to a place where others could settle. The post office, originally called Fischer’s Store located within the business, gave a name to the location and the community.

The 1902 building is the last structure used for the Fischer Store and post office. It is an excellent example of an original turn-of-the-century general store. The business has been in the same family for four generations and the current structure has been operated by three generations of Fischers.

The structure is 113 years old and maintains its appearance from when it was constructed. It is an exemplary model of preservation and has a significant history as a general mercantile for the inhabitants of this portion of Comal County. The structure still serves as a store and also a museum with displays of merchandise and family memorabilia, with some items dating from the mid-1800s.

The Fischer Store community has evolved but still retains the quaint charm from when the community was founded. It is currently in the process of becoming part of the Fischer Historic District, the second National Registered Historic District in Comal County.   Continue reading



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1902 Fischer Store Narrative

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