Comal Power Plant

Comal PowerThe Comal Power Plant is a former industrial power generating facility located in New Braunfels, Comal County, Texas (see page 7-14 for location map). First developed by United Gas Improvement Contracting Company (UGI) in the mid 1920s, surviving elements of the original plant site include the Main Building, the Comal Canal, the Gas Metering House, two pump houses, and a variety of scenic landscape elements (trees, lawns, drives, entry pylons, and a suspension-type footbridge). The design of the Main Building and its surrounding landscape reflect classical urban design concepts emanating from the City Beautiful movement of the late nineteenth to early twentieth century period. The site continues to serve today as a locally significant architectural and engineering landmark on the western flank of Landa Park, the city's primary recreational area.

The original 32-acre power plant site is bounded by Landa Park on the north, Landa Park Drive on the east, Landa Street on the south, and Fredericksburg Road on the west (see page 7-15 for current Comal Power Plant Site Plan). Having undergone extensive changes over the years, particularly across the western portion of the plant site, many original elements, including the original switching yard and distribution lines, have been lost. Thus, the nominated portion of the complex includes surviving original elements located in the eastern portion of the plant site (see Page 7-15) that retain their spatial and functional relationship. As a highly visible landmark, the plant also retains its relationships to other locally prominent landmarks in the surrounding area, including Comal Canal, Comal Springs, Landa Park, and the former Landa Industries complex.

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Comal Power

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