Cypress Bend Park Marker

Cyprss Bend

Majestic cypress trees along the Guadalupe River could tell quite a story -- if only we could read those tree rings. Tree rings would tell us that the first German settlers crossed the River in 1845 and entered New Braunfels at a site not far from Cypress Bend Park. We would learn that Hermann Seele, first teacher in New Braunfels, crossed the flood-swollen Guadalupe River into today’s Cypress Bend Park. There, he found Prince Carl’s workers cutting shingles for the newly founded town. Prince Carl of Solms Braunfels, Germany, was the founder of New
Braunfels under the auspices of the Adelsverein or the Society for the Protection of German Immigration in Texas. The same tree rings would tell us about more recent generations’ experiences: of birthday parties held at the Park’s Pavilion; of life-lessons learned as Scouts used the facility for their retreats; or simply, how children first learned to set a tent and bait a hook. We would learn that military troops from San Antonio’s Fort Sam Houston camped there. We would also learn how families seeking the great outdoors continue to camp overnight at Cypress Bend Park, and about the 5K-Runs originating in Cypress Bend that helped create one New Braunfels Park and benefited several others. The tree rings would also reveal great tragedy, whether it was a family’s drowning or floods brought by a raging Guadalupe River. Let’s look now beyond the tree rings for an accounting of Cypress Bend Park.

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