Gruene Hall

Gruene HallGruene Hall was built in 1878 as a social hall for the tenant farmers. The Hall was built by Christian Herry under the direction of H. D. Gruene. It is a long rectangular building with pitched roof hidden from the street view by the false front. Built before the age of modern conveniences, the hall was powered by gasoline generated electric power. Farmers and their families would come into Gruene on Saturday, shop at the store's and stay that night for the dance.

Huge barrels of whiskey and beer with spickets lined the dance floor - a shot was 10¢. A large sign advertised "Den Feinstien Schnaps, Das Beste Bier, Becommt Ma Bei Den Heinrich Heir," "The Best Whiskey and the Best Beer, You get at Henry's here. There was square dancing and German Polka music. The music stopped at midnight for a sandwich break and coffee. The women would use the old smokehouse, still in tact at the hall. The group would take a'breather in the beer garden around the gold fish pond, and then the fun would continue until day break. The children would bed down in the small side room while their parents danced. Everyone would leave at day break, go home and change and then drive to church in New Braunfels.

The hall operated for 40 years as the center of fun for the valley. Special events like the Kinder Masken Ball, a masquerade dance were held there each year. In the twenties, advertisements were placed around the dance floor and are still tact. Gruene Hall was the one business which continued 3 to operate throughout the hard times that beset the town of Gruene.

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Gruene Hall Gruene Hall Gruene Hall

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