Jacobs Creek School Teacherage

Jacobs Creek School TeacherageThe Jacobs Creek School Teacherage is located at 12794 River Road, New Braunfels, Texas, which is actually located nearer to Sattler, Texas than to New Braunfels. A teacherage is a residence for one or more teachers. It can be combined with the school or it may be separate living quarters. As such, it is very much like a parsonage for a minister of a church. The use of teacherages began in the southern and western rural communities arising from the difficulty of finding the teacher a satisfactory place to live.

The Jacobs Creek School was one of many built in the rural areas of Comal County during the 1800s. Several, but not all, had a teacherage near the school. The building materials used varied based on when they were built, and what building materials were available. Many have long since disappeared especially those of wood as well as many that were abandoned. The Jacobs Creek School Teacherage is unique because a variety of building materials were utilized, and it has been in use since it was construction in the late 1860s. It remains at the original site between Jacobs Creek and the Guadalupe River. The school itself was abandoned, not cared for, and left in rubble.

Recorded Texas historic landmark in 2017.

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Jacobs Creek School Teacherage

Comal County Historical Commission