Johann Michael Jahn Building

Johann Michael Jahn BuildingJohann Michael Jahn was a noted furniture maker in early New Braunfels. He was born in 1816 in Barth, Pomerania and emigrated to Texas with a group of settlers under the leadership of Prince Carl of Braunfels. He came to this country in 1844 aboard the boat Herschel that landed in Indianaola. He came to New Braunfels in 1845.

Jahn served his apprenticeship with a cabinetmaker in Prague some time before 1833. As a result of a disagreement between them, the master threw a tool at Jahn, striking him in the hip. The injury left him crippled and re­mained troublesome for the rest of his life. It was believed that as a result of the injury, he was denied entrance into the Army and therefore decided to come to America and start a fresh new life.

Jahn was deeded 160 acres of land in the settlement of New Braunfels in agreement with the Society for the Protection of German Immigrants with whom he had made arrangements to settle in New Braunfels. Town lots 177 and 186 that were deeded to him are on the corner of the present Seguin Street and Butcher Street. This is the location where he settled and began his furniture business.

In 1910, the original homestead was moved back around the corner facing Butnher Street, and a two-story brick building was erected on the site. This building still stands and is now being used as an office building.

The company continued until the 1930s. Jahn's works have been displayed locally and at the Witte Museum in San Antonio. (1997)

Marker Location: 494 South Seguin, New Braunfels

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Johann Michael Jahn Building  Johann Michael Jahn Building  Johann Michael Jahn Building 


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