The Herman and Ada Knibbe home is located at 9981 Spring Branch Road. Herman’s grandfather, Dietrich Knibbe, is credited with the founding of the settlement of Spring Branch in 1852. Dietrich came to Texas with the German Immigration Company to find a better life in Texas. He lost his wife on the voyage but later married the widow, Bernadine Fledermann, in New Braunfels. The two moved to the hill country in western Comal County and established a ranch.

They overcame adversity and thrived utilizing the rich resources of the Texas hill country. The family prospered in the area and in the early 1900s, Spring Branch was an established community. Grandson, Herman Knibbe, and wife, Ada Ohlrich Knibbe, built this 1910 home in the then-thriving community. Fifth-generation Charles Knibbe and wife, Sharon Hill Knibbe, live in the well-preserved home and operate the Knibbe Ranch across the road.

The beautifully-crafted home built by Dietrich’s grandson still stands and is a testament to the successful family in this once remote area.

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Comal County Historical Commission