Louis Henne Company

Louis Henne CompanyThe present Louis Henne Co. store was built in 1893 for owner Louis Henne by local contractor Christian Herry with Victorian emblishments on the brick exterior.

Flooring is oak; the ceiling ornate pressed tin. Original fixtures still are in use. They include nail bins, cases, counters, shelves and revolving cabinets for small articles.

Shelves are built to the top of the 14-foot-high walls and reached by ladders which slide on steel runners the length of the store. A well in the basement, no longer in use, still holds fresh water.

The store stands next to a lot bought by a German immigrant, Johann Ludwig Henne, for $120 in October 1846. The family had arriv0d at Galveston on Aug. 25, 1845, aboard the sailing ship "Hercules" They had left their home in Hanover, Germany, to join 152 Germans on their way to America.

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