Main Plaza Bandstand

Main Plaza BandstandConstruction of the "Bandstand" or music pavilion, as it was also called, was approved by the City Council of New Braunfels on April 3rd, 1905. The council's action was in response to a petition submitted by a group made up of 17 individual citizens and businesses, which also forwarded a combined donation of $180 dollars to underwrite the proposal. The initial purpose of the bandstand was to provide a stage for the summer evening concerts given by the local firemen's band.

The building of the bandstand commenced in late April, with local contractor A.C. Moeller responsible for construction. With additional appropriations by the city council totaling $380 dollars, construction was completed in July 1905 for a total cost of $560 dollars. The bandstand was an open pavilion design, supported by eight large wooden columns with an eight-sided metal domed roof structure. The "Bandstand" was formally dedicated on July 9th, 1905 and began its long history of public service.

In November 1923, the city council was approached by the Women's Civic Improvement Club, with a request that a restroom facility be added to the bandstand facility. Although the council agreed with the need for the restroom, funds were not available and two years passed with no action. In August 1926 the city council was informed by the Women's Civic Improvement Club that it had raised the necessary funds on its own and had undertaken the raising of the pavilion and the construction of a rock-walled restroom facility underneath it. Since this significant upgrade, the bandstand has remained essentially unchanged to this day.


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Main Plaza Bandstand Main Plaza Bandstand Main Plaza Bandstand

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