Mission Valley School

Mission Valley SchoolThe Mission Valley settlement was formed around the same time that New Braunfels was established in 1845. Its location is northwest of Mission Hill, where the Spanish had established a Mission, Nuestra Senora De Guadalupe, in 1758. As was customary in many German communities, education of the children was of high priority and the Mission Valley community was no exception. Initially, the community bonded and educated their children in private homes. Later, one acre of land was donated for the construction of a public free school building. As the community grew, a larger school and playground were needed. Soon another family donated 1.8 acres adjacent to the above one acre. A new rock building was constructed for the education of the children and the original school building on the acre was converted into a teacherage, a house for the teacher to live.

The rock school building was the only educational center for many years when in 1950 the community school closed its doors. The entire 2.8 acres are currently referred to as the Mission Valley Community Center.

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Mission Valley School Mission Valley School Mission Valley School

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