Sattler Post Office

Sattler Post OfficeThe first Sattler post office, a log cabin still in existence in Comal County, bears the name of Texas pioneer Wilhelm Martin Sattler.

Wilhelm Sattler emigrated from Germany with Prince Solms and came to Texas when Texas was still an independent republic. Prince Solms had his engineer survey the New Braunfels township and lay it out into lots. These were numbered and a public drawing for the lots was held in April of 1845. Wilhelm drew lot number 230 thus becoming one of the founders of New Braunfels, Texas.

In addition to creating the Sattler postal system Wilhelm Sattler was a bookbinder, a judge, and a member of the Texas Land Commissioner's office in Austin. He built three log cabins within a few hundred feet of his large two story home. As a judge he held court in one of the log cabins. Family history tells of prisoners being brought on horseback to his court. A second log cabin was used as his office and the third became the first Sattler post office. The first two log cabins no longer exist. However, the post office still exists at its original location and is in very good condition. Mr Sattler's home burned in 1925. It was rebuilt on the same spot and is now occupied by a great, great, great grandson. The home, now modernized, still contains some of the charred timbers from the original home.

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Sattler Post Office Sattler Post Office

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