Julius Bremer Family and the Rebecca Creek School

Julius August Hermann Bremer was the son of German immigrants and Texas pioneers, Heinrich Conrad Friedrich Christian Bremer (1811 – 1880) and Judith Annette (“Annchen”) Christiane Goldbeck (1804 – 1851). Julius was born in Comal County, Texas in 1848, at the Buffalo Springs Settlement north of New Braunfels. At the age of 19 in 1867, Julius claimed 160 acres approximately 19 miles northwest of New Braunfels in the Cranes Mill Settlement. Today, Julius’ land is located in the large subdivision of Mystic Shores south of FM 306 between Mystic Parkway and North Cranes Mill Road in Spring Branch, Texas. Julius was one of the earliest settlers on the lands of Mystic Shores. He lived his entire adult life on the land he claimed until his death in 1894.

Between 1869 and 1892, Julius and wife Emma had nine children. They raised their eight surviving children at Cranes Mill.1 During their lifetimes, Julius and Emma expanded their land holdings to over 1,000 acres. A remnant of their house still stands. The Bremer Family cemetery is located southwest of the Bremer home. Julius is particularly remembered for establishing the one-room Rebecca Creek School near his home in 1882. Julius deeded 5.4 acres of his land for the school and served as one of the first three school trustees. For almost sixty years, the Rebecca Creek School served families in the surrounding settlements.

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Comal County Historical Commission