The Weisser Dairy Farm – Pfeiffer Ranch at 1700 Pfeiffer Ranch Road, New Braunfels, Comal County, Texas, 78132, is located three and one-half miles north of New Braunfels off FM 306. The property is 264 acres and is part of the Orilla Russell 4505-acre survey located along the Old San Antonio Road.

New Braunfels was settled in 1845 by German immigrants and eventually the settlers moved out into the county and established ranches, farms and small communities. The settlers utilized the land to fashion their homes and find ways to make a living. Commercial farming and ranching became important when the town settlers were finally able to diversify their occupations and it was no longer feasible for each citizen to have their own milk cows and farms within the city. Commercial farming became important and in the early 1900s, Comal County’s economy was largely based on some form of agriculture.

The Weisser Dairy Farm and Pfeiffer Ranch, owned by only two families since the 1880s, is an example of a commercial farm whose history and ownership tells the story of its beginning and evolution to the present, representing the early settlement of the county, the effect of industrialization, drought, the Great Depression and the transition to new ownership always showing the ingenuity and tenacity of its occupants.

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This property is a private residence.



Comal County Historical Commission