Justice of the Peace #2 Jury Duty Report Schedule

Jury Duty Report Schedule
No jury has been called for JP#2 this week
General Juror Instructions

The instructions below are for residents called for jury duty at Justice of the Peace #2 court.

1. You are required to fill out the summons questionnaire received in the mail.

  • If your jury summons date is before March 1, click here to fill out your questionnaire online.
  • If your jury summons date is after March 1, click here to fill out your jury summons online(Find your juror ID number on the summons card).
  • If you cannot respond online, or do not have access to a computer, call: (830) 387-7600 Monday-Friday between 8PM - 4PM.

2. You may file for an exemption on the affidavit supplied or use the following PDF exemption application. The exemptions listed are the only ones for which an individual can be excused.

  • Business reasons are not a reason for excuse.
  • If a medical exemption is desired, a written excuse from a doctor must accompany the affidavit.
  • If you claimed an exemption and were not contacted by our office, you are excused and do not need to appear. If you rescheduled your jury duty then you will receive a new summons in the mail for the date you rescheduled.

3. Directions to the JP#2 Office/Court. If you have any questions call the jury information line at 830-387-7600


I received a Jury Summons in The Mail.  What do I do?

Juror Instructions

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