Justice of the Peace #4 General Jury Information

When you receive your Jury Summons Card, you MUST fill it out and return the card or submit the card on-line.

You must call or visit our website on the Friday before your scheduled Monday service to determine if you need to appear. Driving Directions

Please note- you will not be asked for your social security number when filling out your jury summons card. This is also true if a court clerk contacts you about your jury duty.  You can always call 830-907-3886 and verify if you have been called for jury duty. See information about Jury Summons Scams

Temporary exemptions or disqualifications: Please refer to your summons card and select the General Qualification that you do not meet or the exemption you wish to claim. Make sure you have the top of the card filled out as well and that you provide a working phone number where we can contact you if we have any questions.

Permanent Exemptions: If you wish to claim a permanent exemption you must complete this form Juror's Affidavit of Exemption.

Print the form out, complete it and sign it, then mail it back to the court that summoned you.  If you are requesting the permanent exemption based on medical reasons (either physical or mental) you must have your doctor verify your permanent inability to be on a jury, on his/her own office letterhead and send it in with your form.


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