Justice of the Peace #2

NOTE: The Court is encouraging everyone with business to conduct with the court to do so through the use of telephone, computer, or mail and only physically visit the court if none of these options are available to them.

For the immediate future some court proceedings are being scheduled using the Zoom online video platform. If you are scheduled for online proceedings you will receive notice by U.S. Mail with the appropriate links, date, and time of the proceedings.

The Texas Judicial System has three levels of trial court – District, County, and Justice or Municipal and two Appellate Courts. The Justice of the Peace falls into the Justice Court. This court is the most uniform court in the state.

Each county is required to have a Justice of the Peace, and generally there is one for each precinct. The precincts are based on population. These precincts can be changed through redistricting by the commissioners court.

The Justice Court has jurisdiction over civil, small claims, and eviction suits up to $20,000 exclusive of interest. Because the Justice Court is not a court of record, any appeal to county court is trial de novo, or a new trial.

The Honorable James "Rick" Walker

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