Comal County Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Our Vision:
Comal County residents are protected from the public health consequences of both natural and intentional emergencies.

Our Mission:
To prevent and mitigate the public health consequences of natural or intentional emergencies for Comal County residents through threat assessment, planning, improved operational readiness, and timely response.

Message from Comal County Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator:
Welcome to the website for the Comal County Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program. As a program, we work closely with governmental, academic and community partners to ensure that all citizens of Comal County are prepared for and able to respond to natural and intentional emergencies that create a health risk.. I encourage you to explore the many resources listed on these pages and appreciate your interest in our efforts. Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.

Recent Events

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Emergency Preparedness Volunteer Application
Serve your community during disasters and emergencies by signing up as a PHEP volunteer! Your role in a POD (point of dispensing) protects public health by making sure that your community can access antibiotics or vaccines when needed most.

Application Link


West Nile Virus: What You Need To Know

Wildfires are common in Texas, especially after long periods of drought. They can spread quickly and produce dangerous smoke, threatening property, lives and health. Help reduce your risks by learning how to respond. Click here for more!

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