Comal County Sheriff's Office Duties of the Sheriff

The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer for the county. He/She is responsible for operating the county jail and  controlling all prisoners within the jail. It is the Sheriff's responsibility to investigate crimes, make arrests, serve writs, appoint deputies and maintain communications with municipal and state law enforcement operations within the county.

The Sheriff has countywide jurisdiction. Most Sheriff Offices concentrate their activities outside the city limits where municipal officers cannot operate. In Comal County, dispatchers in the Sheriff's Office dispatch for all emergency agencies in the county except New Braunfels PD and Fire (ambulance, fire, etc.)

The Sheriff is elected every four years. He/She is responsible for security in both county and district courts. The Sheriff sets bail bond policy for the county, except where there is a Bail Bond Board which establishes the rules and regulations for making bail by bondsmen.

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