Comal County Sheriff's Office Junior Deputy Sheriff's Academy

The Junior Deputy Sheriff’s Academy has been implemented by the officers and staff at the Comal County Sheriff’s Office in an effort to positively impact the lives of our young people as they transition to adulthood.  We recognize our youth are the future leaders of tomorrow and we in law enforcement have an opportunity to influence behaviors that can assist with that success.  Time invested now by law enforcement officers with our young people can pay big dividends for the future.  This is another effort on our part of investing in the future of our youth here in Comal County.

Children between the ages of 9 and 11 are ideal candidates for the Junior Deputy Academy Program. These children have reached the age of reason, but have not yet taken on the behavior of the adolescent. The lessons learned at this age will give them a tremendous amount of knowledge, which will help sustain them as they meet the serious challenges of their teen years.

Your child's safety is a paramount concern for you. This one-week program introduces children to all types of safety issues to prepare each child for the many dangers, which occur every day in our modern world. Role-playing and question ­and-answer sessions make this interactive safety program interesting, fun and a positive learning experience for the children.

Your child will meet many different Sheriff's Deputies and public service personnel during the course of this program. This serves to provide positive role models and a sense of security in the world away from Mom and Dad. Your child will also learn respect for our laws, as well as explanations of the law as it relates to order in our society.

Various representatives, including the Negotiators, SWAT, and Honor Guard of the Sheriff's Office, meet the children and introduce them to the functions of their groups. Your children are given a memorable tour of the Sheriff's Office where all 911 emergency calls are received for Comal County. Each child is allowed to view the screens and ask questions of the Communications Staff. Later, they meet with the Sheriff and have their photograph taken.

Preparing your child for the teen years is one of the most important tasks a parent must undertake. The Junior Deputy Academy Program opens the door for real dialogue between parents and children by candidly discussing the role of gangs, alcohol, drugs, violence, guns, loss of self­ esteem and the need to establish important goals for the teen years.

These subjects and many more are discussed openly; questions are encouraged. The deputies and volunteers stress that each child in the program is special. The children learn that deputies, parents, teachers and other responsible members of society will be there for them when they become teenagers. The deputies further underscore the importance of keeping the lines of communication open, now and during their teenage years.


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