Comal County Sheriff's Office Victim Services

Beginning October 2018, Comal County Sheriff’s Office began utilizing a Crime Victim Liaison to better serve crime victims. The Crime Victim Liaison works within the Criminal Investigations Division and alongside Detectives as a point of contact for victims and survivors in order to provide support, better communication, and resource assistance. The Crime Victim Liaison provides victims and survivors with nonjudgmental support from the time the initial report is taken until the case is submitted to the Comal County Criminal District Attorney’s Office for prosecution. In addition to providing support throughout the investigation process, the Liaison provides referrals to various local agencies in order to meet the emotional and physical needs of victims.  English and Spanish Brochures.


  • Encouraging victim involvement in the Criminal Justice System by advocating, informing, and educating.
  • Providing nonjudgmental and valuable support to all crime victims and survivors.
  • Helping victims and survivors regain a sense of well-being, self-worth, and restored balance.

Involves providing direct support to victims of violent crime to ensure they receive the information and resources necessary to reduce the impact of trauma and enhance their ability to heal, recover and rebuild their lives. The Crime Victim Liaison will be working to bridge the connection with the detectives, prosecutor’s office and other local social service agencies in order to encourage victim participation, healing, and recovery and to help victims transition through the criminal justice process as smoothly as possible.


  • A contact person who works as a link between law enforcement and victims and survivors.
  • Emotional support.
  • Assistance navigating the criminal justice process.
  • Case information and updates.
  • Crisis intervention.
  • Educational information on victimization or crime prevention.
  • Assistance with safety planning.
  • Information and referrals to community organizations that can provide long-term counseling, legal assistance, emergency shelter, and other services.
  • Assistance with applying for and submitting an application for Texas Crime Victims’ Compensation funds (CVC). CVC is a financial aid program to assist qualifying victims and their surviving families with expenses incurred as a result of a violent crime. 
    • Click here to learn more about the CVC program and what expenses may be covered.
    • Applications for Texas Crime Victims’ Compensation fund. Click here to print application in English, Spanish, or apply online.
  • Assistance with registering for VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) program. VINE provides information and notification for offender custody status and court event information.
  • Assistance with applying for a Protective Order- If you have been a victim of Family violence, stalking, sexual assault/abuse, or human trafficking, you can apply for a court order to keep your abuser away from you. This court order is called a Protective order (PO).
  • Information about Crime Victims’ Rights. 
  • Other assistance and information, as needed.

Victims of violent crimes who make a report to the Comal County Sheriff’s Office are subsequently contacted by phone, mail, or email. Victims can request a face to face appointment, if preferred. The Victim Liaison informs victims about case status, the judicial process, local community resources, and programs that may be available to assist them during the aftermath of a crime. Victims are given information, support, and assistance they feel they need in order to recover and rebuild.

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