March 1, 2022 Primary Election Ballot by Mail and Early Voter Data

Data for March 1, 2022 Primary Election

**NOTE:  If an election entity is not hyperlinked, no data has been reported for that date.
Ballot By Mail Early Voting In Person
Democratic Ballot By Mail 02-14-2022 Democratic Early Voting 02-14-2022
Republican Ballot BY Mail 02-14-2022 Republican Early Voting 02-14-2022
Democratic Ballot By Mail 02-16-2022 Democratic Early Voting 02-15-2022
Republican Ballot BY Mail 02-16-2022 Republican Early Voting 02-15-2022
Democratic Ballot By Mail 02-17-2022 Democratic Early Voting 02-16-2022
Republican Ballot BY Mail 02-17-2022 Republican Early Voting 02-16-2022
Democratic Ballot By Mail 02-18-2022 Democratic Early Voting 02-17-2022
Republican Ballot BY Mail 02-18-2022 Republican Early Voting 02-17-2022
Democratic Ballot By Mail 02-19-2022 Democratic Early Voting 02-18-2022
Republican Ballot BY Mail 02-19-2022 Republican Early Voting 02-18-2022
Democratic Ballot By Mail 02-22-2022 Democratic Early Voting 02-19-2022
Republican Ballot BY Mail 02-22-2022 Republican Early Voting 02-19-2022
Democratic Ballot By Mail 02-23-2022 Democratic Early Voting 02-20-2022
Republican Ballot BY Mail 02-23-2022 Republican Early Voting 02-20-2022
Democratic Ballot By Mail 02-24-2022 Democratic Early Voting 02-22-2022
Republican Ballot BY Mail 02-24-2022 Republican Early Voting 02-22-2022
Democratic Ballot By Mail 02-25-2022 Democratic Early Voting 02-23-2022
Republican Ballot BY Mail 02-25-2022 Republican Early Voting 02-23-2022
  Democratic Early Voting 02-24-2022
  Republican Early Voting 02-24-2022
  Democratic Early Voting 02-25-2022
  Republican Early Voting 02-25-2022

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