Comal County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Section (CIS) is comprised of detectives and supervisors tasked with the investigation of felony and misdemeanor criminal offenses committed in Comal County. In addition to felony and misdemeanor criminal investigators, CIS also houses the Comal County Metro Narcotics Task Force and members of the Texas Auto Theft Task Force.

Financial Crimes Reporting Package

Criminal Investigations:
Captain: Rocky Millican  - Ext.2077 
Lt. Rex Campbell - Ext. 2063
Auto Theft Task Force:
Sgt. Archie Harben - Ext. 2062
Detective Sergeant:
Sgt. Brian Morgan - Ext. 2072
Crime Analyst:
Karen Brittain - Ext. 2115
Narcotics Sergeant:
Sgt. Jimmy Flores - Ext. 2066
Fingerprints / Evidence:
Sgt. Ronnie Womack - Ext. 2079
Detective Sergeant:
Sgt. Danny Dufur - Ext. 2078
Detective Ben Haynes - Ext. 2060 Tina Bryan (Crime Victim Liaison) - Ext. 2064
Detective Anthony Moreno - Ext. 2067 Krista Flores - Ext. 1807
Detective Chris Garza- Ext. 2068 Melissa Martin - Ext. 2075
Detective Frank Cockrell - Ext. 2070 Caitlin Buckman (Evidence) - Ext. 2081
Detective Charlie Motz - 2073  
Detective Doug Phillips - Ext. 2074  
Detective Rhegan Davis - Ext 2048  
Detective Richard Smith- Ext 2049  
Detective Scott Frakes - Ext. 2055  
Detective Rebecca Coons - Ext. 2054  
Detective Eric Guerrettaz - Ext. 2012  

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