Comal County Sheriff's Office Inmate Mail and Mail Rules

Mailing Address for Inmates:

Inmate's name and SPN#
3005 W. San Antonio St.
New Braunfels, TX 78130

Return address must contain senders name and complete address. Any correspondence whereas the sender is unable to be identified will be returned to sender.

Sending money to an inmate:

Correct Solutions Group
Customer Service: 877-618-3516

-Mobile App: Correct Solutions Mobile Deposit

-To order Commissary:

-For your convenience, funds may be deposited in the visitation lobby via the kiosk.

-Money orders are NOT accepted

-Any Cash, Checks, or Money Orders will be returned to sender.

  • Cash, Payroll Checks, Personal Checks, Business Checks, or Money Orders.
  • Stamps, Envelopes, Blank Paper, Blank Cards, Paper with heading only, Tracing Paper, Tissue Paper, Paper Bags, Cardboard, Refuse used as writing paper.
  • Musical Cards, Cards depicting Men or Women in Sexually Suggestive attire/poses, Cards larger than 8x11. Cards with Ribbon, adhesive of any type, metal fasteners, or glitter, pop up Cards. Cards with googly eyes, or any movable parts. Cards must be single layer.
  • Hard plastic objects: credit cards, identification cards, driver’s license, or anything else that would be considered hard plastic.
  • Any object that is laminated.
  • No pictures larger than 4x6, no Polaroid pictures, no pictures with any adhesive/substance on the front or the back. No pictures of poor print quality.
  • No pictures that are sexually suggestive, no nude or partially nude pictures, no pictures in lingerie or undergarments.
  • Pictures of children must be fully clothed: No “diaper” pics, no swimsuit pics, no bathing pics.
  • No clothing or cloth of any kind, this includes: buttons, patches, thread, zippers, felt, leather, etc.
  • Any type of art supplies: pipe cleaners, drawing supplies, glue, tape, dried plants/flowers, metal wood, foil, string, ribbon, glitter, confetti, beads. etc.
  • Anything regarding gangs is strictly prohibited. Literature, pictures, lyrics, drawings, or signs/gestures that could be construed as being gang related will be rejected.
  • All books/booklets/newspapers/pamphlets/magazines must come from the publisher or a Bona Fide Bookseller – 3rd party sellers are not Bona Fide Booksellers.
  • Cosmetics, this includes lipstick, nail polish, perfume or other types of cosmetics on the contents.
  • Jewelry and watches of any kind.
  • Folders or Binders of any kind, blank index cards, staples, paperclips, Post it Notes, Stickers, whiteout, labels.
  • No writing utensils of any kind.
  • Tattoo paraphernalia, this includes equipment, guides, life size tattoo drawings/pictures, Rub on Tattoos.
  • Plastic decals, wrappers, lottery tickets, wax or wax seal.
  • Any items folded will be unfolded and inspected prior to being delivered to the inmate – Origami or any item folded in a specific way will not be delivered to the inmate in that format.
  • Posters/Papers larger than 11 x 14.
  • Weapons of any type.
  • Mail containing potentially hazardous/contaminated items, defensive sprays, and caustics/combustibles– this includes excessive perfume.
  • Any tobacco/drugs/alcohol. · Bodily Fluids including blood, hair, semen, etc.
  • Food stains, toothpaste, or any other substance.
  • Board games, card games, playing cards, etc.
  • No commissary items (toothpaste, razors, toothbrush, soap etc.)
  • Any content that contains information regarding the manufacture of explosives, weapon, or drugs.
  • Any content that could be used to incite strikes, riots or violent actions.
  • Any publications that include information on how to manufacture explosives, weapons, or drugs. Information that is designed to achieve the breakdown of prisons through inmate disruption such as strikes, riots or violent actions activity. Any content that contains graphic presentations of sexual behavior that is in violation of the law. Any content that contains descriptions of sexual acts or sexually suggestive or explicit images. Any content that contains material on the setting up and operation of criminal schemes or how to avoid detection, or glorifies criminal acts/activity.

Any correspondence deemed undeliverable will be returned to sender. Individuals, who have attempted to send Contraband into the Comal County Jail or have otherwise committed a serious violation of these correspondence rules, as determined by the Jail Administrator or designee, may be prohibited from any further correspondence with a particular inmate and may be place on the Negative Mailing List of that particular inmate.

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