University of County Government - Presented by Comal County

University of County Government is a way for residents of Comal County to learn more about how counties work generally as political subdivisions of the state, and how Comal County works specifically.

"What is county government? And why should it matter to me?" If you have trouble answering those questions, now's the time to enroll in Comal County's University of County Government.  Class is one night a week (Tuesday) from 6-9 pm for 10 weeks.

You will:

  • Hear from elected officials and other county employees about functions and services performed by counties across the state, and how Comal County is similar or different as we serve our 180,000 residents;
  • Receive an overview of the budget planning and approval process;
  • Get a unique education in how local and state governments work together to serve the public.
  • Tour county facilities, including the jail and the historic Comal County Courthouse, built in 1898 and restored in 2013!

The 2024 University of County Government will start March 5 thru May 7, 2024.



Commissioners Court